Owning Our Own Divinity

Dr. Jeffrey Kripal

Chair in Philosophy & Religious Thought, Rice University / Philosopher / Author

May 27, 2024

Photo: Michael Spadafina for MAX Video Productions, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

For our part one with Jeffrey, visit our discussion in episode 118 (August 2022).

Welcome back to Behind Greatness. We are back with Jeffrey for a part 2 in our discussion. Jeffrey holds the J. Newton Rayzor Chair in Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University, where he served as the Associate Dean of the School of Humanities (2019-2023) and chaired the Department of Religion for eight years. We delve into the Archives of the Impossible – a project that he began in 2014 at Rice University that now holds over 1 million documents.

We talk about his very profound out of body experience, the “great big magnet in the sky”, dreams,  and our culture both informed and “broken down” by impossible events. We hear about Jeffrey’s thoughts on the trickery of the paranormal and the cultural placebo effect that is religion and our unwillingness to own our divinity. We visit belief v thought and revisit the discussion on the “third space”. The impossibility of translation of one type of consciousness to another … non human intelligence being perhaps us … being the mask … and the superhuman.

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Dr. Jeffrey Kripal: