Not Being Beholden to the Outcome

Mike Clelland

Owl Researcher / Author / Illustrator

January 3, 2024

Welcome to behind Greatness. We are joined by Mike at his residence in the Pacific Northeast. Mike is an author an illustrator and an expert in ultralight backpacking. He is also a recognized “owl guy”. Mike is one of the only people on planet earth who has been collecting, documenting, researching and archiving owl events (from around the world) in relation to ufo experiences and ufo contact.

He shares with us the mystical experience that first brought his attention to owls, his recall of missing time as a boy, his contact experience with extraterrestrials and his gripping story of March 10, 2013. We learn from him what he believes owls really do represent and why they are important to understanding our interconnectedness to the non-physical realm. Don’t miss his metaphor of “between the magnets”.


See also conversation with entrepreneur and psychologist Dr. Werner Barkhuizen (ep 162) for more experiences re: owls and orbs.

Mike Clelland:

Website & Books: www.mikeclelland.com

X: @clellandmike