Drilling in & Zooming Out

Dr. Chris Lowe

Marine Biologist / Director, The Shark Lab

June 10, 2024

Thanks for joining us again at Behind Greatness. We’re speaking with Chris Lowe today from his office at California State, Long Beach. Chris is also the Director of The Shark Lab and has been studying shark for over 30 years. We talk about sharks as the new dinosaurs, his life-long fascination with them, the understanding their mysterious lives and the importance of “drilling in and zooming out”.

He shares stories about sharks at play, sharks at Thanksgiving and sharks as precise and sentient beings. We talk Great Whites, hammerheads, sleepers and cookie-cutters and having scientists train in translating their work for the public – a reminder of scientists’ important role in serving humanity. A fun talk with a fun guy about a fun topic.

See episode 94 with Julie Church for another pioneer of the sea.

Dr. Chris Lowe: