Questioning the Question

Shehnaz Soni

Rocket Scientist / NASA Aerospace Engineer / Quantum Coach / Author

June 19, 2024

Welcome back to Behind Greatness. We are joined today by Shehnaz Soni. Shehnaz is an Aerospace engineer for NASA and is currently working on the 1st ever human landing system – slated to be part of the Artemis moon mission in 2026. We are immediately touched by Shehnaz’s sparkle. She has a marvelous story that starts with a closed religious upbringing, to an arranged marriage, to a desperate situation in a new country to an education that led her to reach for the stars – literally. But, that’s just a small slice of this Rocket Scientist. We dive into many a topic: her quantum coaching, NASA’s lunar regulate harvest missions for travel to Mars, non human intelligence interfering at launches, intuition and light, NPCs, the grocery store as a playground and a boundary-less existence of being.

Shehnaz Soni: