Seeing the Impossible

Dr. Scarlett Heinbuch

NDE Experiencer / Multidimensional Healer / Author

August 24, 2023

We are joined today by Scarlett Heinbuch from her home in Atlanta, Georgia. Scarlett has been working in finance for 20 years. But that’s merely her career. Scarlett has been an experiencer of multidimensional realms since she was a little girl.

We learn about her childhood OBEs, her interactions with relatives – both live and deceased, a near death experience, the details of an incredible and impossible shared death experience with her future husband and his remarkable recovery. We learn about alcoholism and how it cuts openness at the knees, about “joy bullying” and about how to show up in the world. For those who have a soft spot for love stories, this won’t disappoint either. And for those who also have a soft spot for interdimensional surgical teams of blue beings, this story will have that too.

We also recommend episode with Sharon Hewitt-Rawlette (ep 99) for some great parapsychological discussion as background.


Dr. Scarlett Heinbuch:

Website: https://scarlettheinbuch.com/

Book: We Met on the Other Side(via Amazon)

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scarlett-heinbuch/