Trusting that Feeling

Stephen Simon

Former Hollywood Producer / Author / Man of the Heart

September 5, 2023

Photo credits to Thomas Cassou.

Welcome back to Behind Greatness. We are sitting down today with Stephen Simon who joins us from his home near Portland. Stephen was born into a family already successful in Hollywood. As a young man, he went to law school and practiced for a short while, but his heart was married to another mission.

Stephen elaborates on this mission through his experience with the films he produced and the people who inspired him along the way. And along that way he produced acclaimed projects such as the Academy Award-winning film What Dreams May Come (starring Robin Williams & Cuba Gooding Jr).

We learn about his twin flame and wife Lauren who passed several years ago and with whom he co-wrote a book after she transitioned to the other side. We also discuss his beloved Spiritual Cinema Circle project and we hear about the consensual realities he’s learned about from the other side. We discuss the eternal wisdom of Neale Donald Walsch, Shirley MacLaine – and Wayne Gretzky. An open conversation with a man who’s lived with an open heart.

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Stephen Simon:

Book – What Dreams Have Come: (via Amazon)

Website: www.whatdreamshavecome.com

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5816423/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephen.simon.18/