Being the Core of Who You Are

Dr. Sharon Hewitt-Rawlette

Award Winning Writer & Researcher, Paranormal and Parapsychological

March 23, 2022

Sharon joins us from her home in Virginia. Sharon grew up in a Christian-centric upbringing and was home-schooled at her request. After having gone away for post-secondary to NYC, she found that her new secular environment was not the fit that she expected.

However, after having experienced grad school in Paris, the secular view on life became more attractive to her … until it didn’t. She brings us through a couple of personal experiences of “coincidences” and becoming more of herself as she explores the “weirdness” of paranormal.

We discussed the importance of paying attention to the paranormal – starting with synchronicities and dreams – to help us to see deeper layers of ourselves. We talk about freedom, the importance of love to learn about interconnectedness, the shedding beliefs and the importance of being puzzled. For good measure we threw in a chat about the number 33.

Dr. Sharon Hewitt-Rawlette:

Website: https://sharonrawlette.wordpress.com/about/

Books: https://sharonrawlette.wordpress.com/books/beyond-death/

Psychology Today article: Mysteries of Consciousness

BICS award-winning essay: Beyond Death: The Best Evidence for the Survival of Human Consciousness