Being Tuned In

Stephan A. Schwartz

Futurist / Scientist / Remote Viewing Experimentalist / Author / Documentarian

May 25, 2023

Thanks for joining us again at Behind Greatness. We are joined today by Futurist and Scientist, Stephan Schwartz at his home in Washington State. Stephan is not a theorist and he’s not a philosopher. He’s an experimentalist who works with objectively verifiable data.

Stephan was a young hot-shot screenwriter attending parties with the who’s who in the culture scene in NYC in the 1960s, until his life took a curious, fantastic turn.

He brings us through a story that includes 5 focused years studying and researching Edgar Cayce’s work in Virginia, researching for US Chief of Naval operations, speech writing for an American president and running remote viewing experiments with subjects around the world (starting years before the CIA even began its remote viewing program with Russel Targ) and being one of the first to write about UAPs in the 70s.

We learn about his uncovering of important ancient wonders of the world in Egypt in the 1970s using remote/distance viewing protocols for archeological discoveries, about documenting a similar “Sea Quest” project with Leonard Nimoy (of Spock fame) as his narrator and about heading his own funded remote viewing lab, Mobius. And, he’s a novelist.

Important to note that Stephan prefers non-local perception to remote viewing. And you’ll understand why. To be cont’d …

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Stephan A. Schwartz:

Website: www.stephanaschwartz.com

Schwartz Report: https://www.schwartzreport.net/