Rejuvenating to Re-Create Communion

Fil Bucchino

Certified Expert Olive Oil Taster / Founder, Abandoned Grove / ex-Punk Rocker

May 3, 2023

Thanks for tuning in again to Behind Greatness. We are joined by Fil at his home in Toronto for this chat. Fil is an assaggiatore di olio d’oliva. He is one of 31 accredited Olive Oil Tasters in the world (and only 1 of 3 in North America), having trained 4 years at the oldest and most prestigious olive oil tasting school in the world, ONAOO.

Fil was born in Tuscany, moved with his parents to Venezuela as a boy and immigrated to Canada to at 16, knowing little English. He soon discovered a world of music which he dove into as a connection with his new world. By the time he was on his pre-med path at university, he left to live a life of rock and roll in a punk band for over a decade – making music and touring around the world. But in 2007, something else moved him. He tasted an olive oil when in Tuscany, changing his life forever. Being Fil, he closed his eyes and dove in. This time, his connection was with his curiosity about the “almost spiritual” properties of olive oil.

We hear about his thoughts on his deep experience with music and the “communion”, and the similarities with the mystical olive grove. No left brain activity needed here. We discuss the “gift exchange” phenomenon, changing culture, bringing Yale University on board and the magic of the first kiss of the harvest.

Because of that tree.

For music / bass playing reference, see Gary Lachman (ep 124) and for “communion” reference, see our friend John Couch (ep 32)

Fil Bucchino:

Website: https://www.filbucchino.com/

Documentary: https://www.filbucchino.com/obsessed-with-olive-oil

Abandoned Grove: https://www.filbucchino.com/abandoned-grove

Yale Olive Institute: https://oliveoilexhibition.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/20190327-5-YOI.pdf

Fil rocking it out with Flashlight Brown: (via YouTube)

Facebook: @filbucchino

Instagram: @filbucchino