Moving from the State of Constriction to Expansion, through Art

John S. Couch

Author of The Art of Creative Rebellion / Senior Product Design Executive / Artist

December 9, 2020

In this episode, we spend some time with John S. Couch, who lives and works – and plays – in California. We dive immediately into discussing themes of life, work and the creative process. He brings us briefly through his experience in building teams and what philosophy he employs in building positive culture. He also warns about certain pitfalls in investing too much in “labels”. But, this is not before we discuss the lessons of the samurai and the importance of developing skills and a mindset through the mastery of one thing in order to approach other things. We discuss creating and the state of flow. We hear his views on the connection between experiencing different artforms and the “communion of understanding” with others. And, we also learn his thoughts on how any great art is a (necessary) confrontation. He rounds off the discussion with the two things he deems most important for his success and the ultimate lesson he’s learned in his life.

John S. Couch: