Being Attuned to The Beat of The World

PJ Byrne


December 16, 2020

We spent some time with PJ Byrne: a veteran film, TV and voice actor, living in California. In college, he was preparing for a career in high finance. Having already secured a job on Wall St before he graduated, he started to discover (by chance) his thespian talents. With family roots in business and politics, young PJ never imagined acting as a life-long pursuit. But with good mentors early on, he was persuaded to explore this hidden talent. As he pursued this path, PJ explains how “hearing funny” – a key life skill he learned at home – came in handy. And, like his friend John Quinn from Episode 18, we learn that his dedication to preparation is sacred. A critical lesson he imparts on his host: don’t be afraid of an awkward moment if you’re not getting your questions answered.

Photo credit: maybeMaybeMaybe

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P.J. Byrne