Seeing the World Differently or Seeing a Different World?

Dr. Robert Davis

Neurosensory Research Scientist / Author / Film Producer

April 30, 2023

Bob joins us from his home in Florida for this chat. Bob grew up in the Bronx across the street from Yankee stadium where he picked up a life long addiction to baseball. For 30 years, he was also addicted to his work: researching and publishing for 30 years on behavioural and neurosensory sciences at State University of New York, bringing him to lecture also in the UK and China. Bob then had three personal extraordinary transformative and mystical experiences and wrote on a book on each to help him make sense of what he was experiencing.

Today, he’s also working on a documentary (www.consciousnessfilm.info) to help disseminate his message. We had a rich conversation on the most common outcome on people’s lives after having a transformative experience: the dissolution of the ego. We also talk “the God spot” and what God is to him. We talk about confusion. And we talk about his thoughts on the shortcomings of the scientific process to take in the subjective experience  and how he’s doing his part with his current work to make this matter again.

Oh, and Mickey Mantle 😉

We recommend ep 135 with Dr. Pim van Lommel, MD re similar discussion on the subjective experience in science – and our recent episode with Mary Rodwell (ep 149).

Dr. Robert Davis:

Recent publication in Edge Science Journal (p15) “Spiritually Transformative Experience Triggers”: https://p9k188.p3cdn2.secureserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/EdgeScience-52.pdf

Documentary Teaser: www.consciousnessfilm.info                                                        

Website: www.bobdavisspeaks.com