When Everybody is Zigging, You’ve Got to Zag

Mary Dalimonte

Former SVP, Sobeys Ontario

November 4, 2020

We are joined by Mary Dalimonte, a 40-year veteran of food retailing and distribution and a venerated industry trail-blazer in Canada. Recently stepping down from her SVP role at Sobeys – the country’s 2nd largest retailer – Mary shares with us the pivotal lessons she learned throughout her career. The daughter of immigrant parents, she learned very early the wisdom of working hard and showing up prepared day in and day out for the job at hand. Always committed to self-improvement, growing the business and punching through the glass ceiling, Mary cultivated a highly successful career in the industry. But, she never forgot about the most important ingredient to her success: her team. We hear about her belief in the sacredness of a mentor’s role and we also get to hear about her 3 biggest fears. And yes, one of them is her mother.

Mary Dalimonte: