Staying Naïve When Exploring New Things

Kid Koala

Scratch DJ/Music & Theatre Producer/Film Composer/Visual Artist

November 11, 2020

Eric San (aka “Kid Koala”) sits down with us to talk about his take on success. He grew up both in the US and in Canada with hard-skilled, no-nonsense immigrant parents who also had an appreciation for music. They started little Eric training as a classical piano player until his piano teacher became annoyed by his experimentation with notes to spin his own musical experience. And spinning he did. Starting by using hamburger wrappers as slip sheets on his sister’s turntable as a 12 year old, Eric went on to spend his adult years touring 6 continents with big bands as a trail-blazing Scratch DJ. Eric considers himself the “ultimate dabbler”, mixing and weaving other facets of art into his universe of experiences – taking his fun when “right side and left side are wrestling”. Today, he’s also a music producer, theatre producer, film composer, multimedia-performer and visual artist. Exploring, learning and living without judgement: lessons he takes from his kids … thanks to his parents.

Kid Koala: