Finding the Inspiration in Being Child-like

Brian Bulcke

Managing Director, Play4Tomorrow / former Pro-Athlete

October 28, 2020

We sit down with Brian, currently a Founder and Managing Director of Play4Tomorrow – a leading design academy and tech accelerator for positive youth development. Brian brings us through his own challenges as a youth growing up fascinated by games and fantastical fictional worlds. He was soon encouraged to take a different, more athletically-centered career as he grew in physical stature and showed athletic promise. Not one for wasting time, Brian leveraged his scholarship status at Stanford in California and graduated with engineering and management science degrees after playing division 1 football. After a brief professional football career, Brian already had his sights set on exploring the worlds he so dearly loved as a young boy. Always wondering if perhaps children are actually born perfect, he has built a laser-focused accelerator in Silicon Valley meant to help under-privileged kids develop skills in design thinking for social impact – and more.

Brian Bulcke: