Seeing Writing as a Way to Achieve Immortality

Mervyn Allen

Partner, Lawyer at McMillan LLP

October 21, 2020

As a young boy, Merv and his siblings moved from a comfortable life in sunny, tropical Jamaica to Toronto. We learn about the strongest influences in his life: his polymath father and his fiercely dedicated mother. For them high educational achievement for their kids was a basic expectation. But we also learn about Merv’s persistent pursuit of a career in elite track & field – and his love of languages and literature. As we peel back the “onion” that is Merv we see a man who has achieved great success in his current work on Bay St, but also a man who still heeds a call to make a deeper mark on human history – through art. …We exaggerate. Or do we? Listen in.

Mervyn Allen: