Smuggling Knowledge

Tat Apab’yan Tew

Mayan Spiritual Guide & Midwife / Author

June 8, 2023

We are joined by Apab’yan Tew (also: Fabian) at his home in Mexico City. Apab’yan is a K’iche’ Maya spiritual guide, a ceremonial historian, a male midwife a lecturer and an author.

He was born of a Mexican mother and a Guatemalan father. He grew up in Mexico City without his father – but with a yearning to know his Mayan heritage. His father was an indigenous man of Mayan descent from the mountains of Nawal Ja and he spent his young adult life as a guerilla fighter with rebel forces against foreign corporate control of his homelands. As a young adult, Apab’yan started on his journey to explore the life and existence of the Guatemalan highlands – and he dove in head-first once he arrived in the highlands.

Abab’yan recounts his story of reconnection with the Mayan way – of viewing pregnancy, of recognizing both the feminine and the “complementary” and of understanding the consciousness of the developing baby. We discuss the following of Mayan calendar to understand our behaviour and our character, the idea of God, the reading of the blood flow and the pulses of nature and seeing knowledge as a way of healing.

Thanks again to Dr. Thomas Verny (ep 121) …. and a nod to Indigenous Elder Cat Criger (ep 95) for the initial drumming reference.

Tat Apab’yan Tew:


Book: The Birth of a Universe: The Maya Science of Pregnancy – The Birth of a Universe: The Maya Science of Pregnancy

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