Loving as Deeply as you Can

Dr. Thomas Verny, MD

Psychiatrist, International Best Selling Author, Podcast Host

September 7, 2022

Welcome back to Behind Greatness. Today we are joined by Thomas Verny at his home in Stratford, Ontario. He is one of the world’s leading experts on the effects of prenatal and postnatal environment on personality. Dr Verny shot to international fame after the publication of his book entitled “The Secret Life of the Unborn Child” in 1982. But fame was never a driver for Thomas. Searching the truth suited him better. We speak to a man today who has had his own private practice for many decades, has published several books, articles, short stories and poems and now who also hosts his own podcast – “Pushing Boundaries with Dr. Thomas R Verny”. But, we also learn about Thomas the Boy who was separated from his parents during the Nazi occupation, who was jailed to be shipped to a concentration camp and who was blessed with people close to him of miraculous love. We learn about the hardships his parents endured also after the War and as new immigrants to North America. And, we learn about the boy who became fascinated with the works of Sigmund Freud at age 13.

With a lifelong interest in memory and mind, Thomas soon went on to help establish the science of Pre & Perinatal Psychology. We discuss his work on cellular intelligence and the central role of the cell membrane vs the nucleus and the importance of the body vs the brain. If that isn’t enough, we also discuss his personal experience with a psychic and an illuminating Out of Body experience that became a very informative episode in his life – and possibly an informative one for our host.

And what matters most to Thomas? The teaser says it all.

His is a life lived. And it seems like he’s only getting started.

Dr. Thomas Verny, MD:


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