Going To That Mountain, Not Waiting For It

Rick Campanelli

National TV/Radio Host & Personality, Former VJ

August 31, 2022

Rick joins us from his home outside of Toronto. He is perennially and lovingly known as “Rick the Temp” in his home country. He is a long time national TV & Radio host and a long time friend to Inspire and Behind Greatness.

As a shy kid growing up in Hamilton, Rick knew he had something in him. Armed with the love of music and art, a positive life-energy and a heavy commitment to preparation, Rick created the opportunity for himself to become a national video jockey for Much Music in the 1990s. And he never looked back.

We learn about throwing Christmas trees off buildings (YouTube), microphones in microwaves and note-filled footballs. We discuss being cognizant of the nostalgia that he represented for millions of viewers across the country. And we also learn about being ok with facing new experiences with little confidence, high anxiety and lack of polish and how the commitment to learning and pushing has always been the key for Rick. He also stresses the importance of staying approachable and the pact he had with his family members when he first started his journey.

Rick’s positivity is contagious – and real. Listen for yourself.

Rick Campanelli:

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