Following the Art of the Growing Seed

Santiago Roa Duque

Founder, Jaguar Siembra Project / Filmmaker / Artist

July 6, 2022

Photo: Michael Spadafina for MAX Video Productions, Inc.

Santiago joins us from Vienna. He is from Bogota, Colombia and spends his time between Austria and his native land. He is a founder and director of Jaguar Siembra – a not for profit outfit in Colombia dedicated to preserving Indigenous knowledge and sharing indigenous wisdom through film about this supremely unique place on the planet in northern Colombia: “La Linea Negra”  in Santa Marta.

This conversation is packed with what’s important to our guest – and to our podcast. Santiago warns us about the travails from our disconnection from our food sources, he explains the sacredness of the Jaguar (see episode with Amy Jo Johnson for more) and the community in music. He also educates us on ancient places on earth and their connection to sound and to ancient wisdom.

We discuss his mission in communicating through art and why it’s important for him to use the power of film cut through the noise to share the sacred knowledge from a piece of the earth that has been untouched by modernity since forever. And yes, Metallica once again makes a cameo in this discussion. 

Santiago Roa Duque:

Website: www.jaguarsiembra.com

IG: @jaguarsiembra

FB: https://www.facebook.com/jaguarsiembra