Reigniting the Sparks from Within

Raine Maida

Lead Singer, Our Lady Peace / Producer / Tech Founder / Entrepreneur

July 28, 2021

Raine joins us from his studio in LA where he shares with us about growing up in Toronto and how disconnected he felt from artistic purpose – until he wasn’t. As a teenager at his boarding school he spent his nights in solitude, devouring music, learning to play guitar and writing songs. When his head-master asked him to cut his hair and quit his band, he knew what he needed to do. Through sheer passion, years of hard work and dedication to his art he went on to lead his rock band Our Lady Peace to sit as one of the most celebrated bands in North America of his era. But that was merely the start of things. Today, Raine is still that man creating music but he is also a conscientious father, a recognized humanitarian and a tech entrepreneur on fire focused on honouring the intellectual property of the artist. We discuss the natural human need to revere the arts and how we need to reverse the stigma of artistic endeavour in our lives. Raine also explains how many of us have let our “creative muscle” atrophy in our lives. We discuss the importance of “flying”, of exploring and of re-igniting the sparks of creative imagination from our childhood that have been so often (and methodically?) cut off by culture and curriculum. “We can’t afford not to be creative.”

Raine Maida:

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