Making Allowances to Explore the Quiet

Lisa Good

Managing Director & EVP, Bensimon Byrne / Advertising Exec

April 20, 2022

We speak with Lisa Good in Toronto. Lisa started out in the mail-room of an ad agency in Toronto to eventually become an Ad Exec and Managing Director of a leading and award-winning ad agency in Canada.

We chat with Lisa about losing a parent at a young age, mental health and acting out against suppressed grief as a young adult. We discuss workaholic-ism and the importance of finding the ok in quiet time. More importantly, we chat about her family and lessons we give to our kids about “doing” vs being, boredom and creativity, flying slippers, empathy … but not too much empathy … and the advantages and pitfalls of restlessness.  We stretched it, but we found nuggets of truth in tying food preparation and the artform of sculpting.

… and we get to meet “restless” Lisa in action during the recording.

Lisa Good:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisaaraujo/

Website: https://www.bensimonbyrne.com/about