Living for the Journey, not the Goal

Cheryl Bernard

Olympian / CEO, Canada Sports Hall of Fame / Author / Speaker

August 18, 2021

Cheryl was born in a small city near the Rocky Mountains nicknamed “Swan City” and a place originally settled by First Nations tribe the Danezaa. She grew up in a family where everyone pitched in and learned to do everything needed to get things done.

With this example – and a little bit of a perennial impatience – Cheryl threw herself into her sports and finished highschool early. With a fierce determination she started a business in her 20s while her friends were travelling and studying. In her 30s she sold her business and focused on her true sport-love. In her 40s, she brought her team to win an Olympic silver in her home country.

We learn from Cheryl the importance of playing to win and not playing not to lose and also not fixating on success as the marker of her identity. And, we discover how her real dream is not so far away from the ancient spiritual essence of her home town. A real-people, real salt of the earth discussion.

Cheryl Bernard:

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