Dedicating Your Life to Studying What We Don't Understand

Dr. Bruce Greyson, MD

Psychiatrist / Professor / NDE Researcher / Co - Founder, IANDS / Author

August 25, 2021

Bruce grew up in the suburbs of NYC, where his upbringing was rooted both in healthy skepticism and in a strong curiosity about the material world. His father, a chemist, always urged young Bruce to blaze a trail.

As a green intern in the 1970s, one of Bruce’s first patients revealed to him a peculiar experience that puzzled him. He habitually wrote off this type of experience with other patients as well – for a little while. Soon enough though, he realized that ignoring these phenomena was a simple choice in taking a dogmatic approach rather than a truly scientific one. So he made a switch. And with that switch he started to blaze a trail – a trail now of 50 years as the globe’s prominent scientist in the research and study of the near death experience (NDE).

We hear from Bruce his findings about the brain vs the mind and he shares with us his message about making the big advances in science with things that we don’t understand. Bruce also tickles us with two experiences he had in dream state that spoke to perhaps something greater. What a treat. To listen to an actual NDE account, we invite you to listen to episode 55 of our podcast with Dr. Tony Cicoria.

Dr. Bruce Greyson, MD:

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