Listening to Your Inner Voice

Julie Yoo

Entrepreneur / CEO of the Year (2020): Small Businesses

January 27, 2021

Today we chat with Julie Yoo in Toronto. Julie is the owner of I Miss You Vintage and was recently chosen for the front cover of a national business magazine as representative of all small business owners: all dubbed “CEO of the year”. Julie catapulted the scope of her business from local to global as an adaptive response to the pandemic in early 2020.

A lover of art and history, she married these passions into an early career working in museums and art galleries. But, she had other passions always close, whispering. We discover a young, keen Julie grow her curiosity about things antique and pre-owned. Turning this curiosity into a side-hussle she reminisced about morphing this into a life of entrepreneurism. Julie discusses her affection for stories and of artistic creation – and the “feelings” side of her work. But listening, as the title suggests, is the source of her greatest strength.

Julie Yoo:


Julie Yoo


I Miss You Vintage