Being Compelled by Curiosity

Franc Milburn

Former UK Military Intelligence Officer, Army Paratrooper / Intelligence Security Specialist

June 30, 2023

Welcome back to Behind Greatness. Today, we are joined by Franc Milburn at his home in the Canary Islands. Franc joined the Army in the 80s and worked in Intelligence, honing his skills and growing his network across the Middle East and North Africa.

Today, he runs a private security intelligence business for Fortune 500 companies and is a member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies. In his current work he acts as a “sheepdog” for his clients through skills he’s developed since his days as an intelligence officer — spending time in war torn countries gathering ground truth from investing time with local communities and their leaders. We connected with Franc through his mentor Col. John Alexander as Franc has also had a long time curiosity in the UAP phenomenon and has a unique lens through which he views it.

We discuss his research and interactions with prominent scientists and astrophysicists such as Dr Eric Davis and Dr. Jack Sarfatti – discussions that have revealed the reality of reverse engineering programs of off-world vehicles, physical UAP craft and their connection to our consciousness . We learn from Franc about the deliberate harassment strategies against scientists who work on UAP technology – including a direct energy weapon used against a scientist friend of his who was suicided. And, for good measure, we also threw in lucid dreaming and out of body experiences. A Franc discussion about wanting to know what you don’t know – good or bad.

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Franc Milburn:

Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies – https://www.explorescu.org/

Video of Aquadilla sighting: (Via YouTube)