Building a World that Supports Capacity for Caring, Creativity & Consciousness

Riane Eisler

President, Center for Partnership Studies / Author / Speaker

May 5, 2021

We sit down with Riane Eisler, an accomplished researcher, author, professor and public speaker. Residing in Southern California, Riane briefly describes her experience as a Holocaust survivor as a little girl and her voyage to North America.

In this discussion we break away from our traditional approach to conversation as we focus on Riane’s life’s work; ie. on Partnership systems. We discuss domination systems that have both women and men live and operate in a world that deprives them of their full humanity.

We touch on consumerism and weapons of mass distraction. And most importantly, we learn about the characteristics of the original partnership societies where the cooperation of the feminine and the masculine produces a society where art and creativity are fundamental by – products.

Riane Eisler:


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