Being You, Layer By Layer

Carol Stewart

Former President, Kellogg Canada

December 22, 2021

Carol joins us from the Toronto area. We spend some time together discussing what was important for her as she spent decades building a high profile corporate career and being a mother and wife. We learn about her upbringing and frequent moving across the country.

She explains how sport and her coaches played a stabilizing role in her youth – and how she parlayed this experience into a foundational belief in building strong teams throughout her professional career. We discuss the stresses, the sacrifices and the compromises as she built her corporate career – and we discussed what wasn’t up for sale.

We hear about core lessons she learned from her 5 year old daughter along the way – with driveway stand-offs and Mother’s Day tea. Some simple and hard-hitting messages about the wisdom of children, the importance of keeping true to your humanity and staying honest with your vulnerabilities. And car-talk.

Carol Stewart: