Being in Tune With Yourself First

Troy Johnson aka r8dio

Grammy Award Winning Record Producer / Composer / Songwriter

March 31, 2021

Born and bred in Southern California, Troy gives us a glimpse of growing up in a musical family. His father and uncle who formed the duo the “Brothers Johnson” had profound influence on music in the 70s and 80s. Born in the 1980s, Troy also took to musical creation immediately, preferring to spend time even as a small child and pre-teen in a music studio above all.

His world took a turn while he was still in his teens with his parents’ separation, the death of his best friend and his mother’s illness & eventual passing. But Troy’s undying desire to create music kept him in growth mode. Believing at his core that this is what he was always meant to do, he discusses how being the “oddball ideas” guy in the room is also one of his calling cards.

Letting himself go where the fluidity of life’s winding river and where his creations take him, Troy stresses the importance of self-belief and openness to different ideas as his real superpowers. Add in real examples of mind-blowing UFO sightings and a harrowing story around Area-51 and we start to understand that Troy is not afraid to ponder the large questions to better make sense of his role in the creation process. This conversation is definitely to be continued…

Troy Johnson aka r8dio: