Serving the Whole to Evolve

Mark Gober

Former Silicon Valley Exec / Author / Truth-Seeker

October 7, 2020

Mark joins us from Silicon Valley where he served as Partner at his firm until early 2020. A Princeton grad, he worked his way through a career of gruelling and stressful working environments in order to achieve his material goals. Until he didn’t. He brings us through his former life as a high-achieving and high-performing athlete, investment banker and IP strategist. In 2016, Mark decided to research answers to existential questions he had increasingly begun to ask himself, only to find that this brought more questions – and more research. His curiosity and inquisitive nature compelled him to dive deep – really deep – into what may matter most: consciousness and the “oneness” of humanity. Now an author and a respected key note speaker, Mark pairs a scientific and research-based approach with a dogged determination to find answers to what our current science cannot yet explain. Why? Listen in and absorb.

Mark Gober: