Finding Strength in the Physical, in Knowledge & in Art

Chris Duffin

Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Kabuki Strength

September 30, 2020

Today, we spend some time with Chris Duffin, in Portland, Oregon. During our discussion, we learn about a boy who endured extreme hardships growing up in the remote mountains of California. Barely out of his adolescence, he took custody of his younger siblings while working full-time, running a business on the weekends and completing his engineering degree. He is a father and a husband, an entrepreneur, a brand builder, an author, a speaker, a coach, a custom-vehicle builder AND a record-holding power lifter to boot. We learn about Chris’ refusal to define himself by his circumstances and his belief that he can create and form the world around him to dictate his own future and change his reality. Sounds crazy? He’s doing it.

Chris Duffin: