Breaking Away From Old Beliefs

Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, MD

Psychiatrist / Best Selling Author

November 30, 2022

Dr Jeffrey Rediger is a Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. Jeffrey grew up in the Midwest in a very conservative Amish tradition and in a violent environment.

As the oldest of his siblings he became rebellious and broke away from his environment, always bent on searching for answers of his existential questions. It brought him to study in a seminary (for his Masters of Divinity) and then to Medical School. These two types of training methods, while diametrically opposed – asking and exploring open-ended questions vs. working through the problem sets – brought him to a place of realization that has been informing him all his life.

He brings us through a heart-wrenching story of a sudden and tragic death of a loved one, and the lessons it served for opening him up to the “invisible world”. We talk about how that invisible world is real, how the healing of false beliefs is key to a more expansive existence and how the body keeps score of it all.

He shares his experience with the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California – the birthplace of the human potential movement. And he elaborates on his dying of the old ways of being that he was wedded to.

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