Listening Through a Different Sense

Dr. Iya Whiteley

Space Psychologist / Korean Medicine Practitioner / Founder, Cosmic Baby Academy

April 1, 2024

Thanks for stopping by at Behind Greatness. Today we’re having a chat with Dr Iya Whiteley. She is currently the Director for the Centre for Space Medicine in London. Iya is an Aviation and  Space Psychologist a Korean Medicine practitioner, an adventurer and martial artist and also the Founder of the Cosmic Baby Academy. Iya studies what motivates people to go beyond the edge of their capabilities, researching professional intuition. Her work focuses on pilots and astronauts to “hear their thinking”.

We learn about childhood innocence and the astronaut, the significance of coincidences, the shattering of beliefs with the experience of space travel, ghosts in the cockpit, plonking to earth and fragility. And, she brings us through the cosmic connection with the baby’s experience and her desire to create a language for babies and parents not bound by linguistic parameters. A Searcher without needing to prove a point.

Proposing a way forward.

Have a listen to Diana Pasulka (ep 142) and former Navy fighter pilot, Ryan Graves (ep 142).

Dr. Iya Whiteley:



IG: @driyawhiteley