Being Broken Open

Dr. Eric Wargo

Science Writer / Author, Precognitive Dreamwork & The Long Self

February 21, 2024

Thanks for joining us again at Behind Greatness. We chat with Eric Wargo today who lives in the Washington DC area. Eric is a science writer with a PhD in Anthropology working for government institutes conducting archaeology, psychology, and neuroscience research. He is a writer and an author and is well known for writing about dreaming, creativity and precognition. We delve immediately into the “long self” and exploring the idea of connecting to our future surviving long self and how dreams are about our future thoughts on experiences. We learn about his early precognitive dream experiences and the personal ufo sighting that fired him up – and his new intellectual and creative path that ensued. We discuss art and literature as prophetic and how artists borrow from other artists precognitively. And for fun, we talk about his developing theory on inspiration actually being  precognition.

A thanks to Jeffrey Kripal (ep 118) and Diana Pasulka (ep 142).


Dr. Eric Wargo:

Books: Precognitive Dreamwork and the Long Self and Time Loops

Blog: www.thenightshirt.com