Celebrating the Achievements of Others

Rita DeMontis

National Lifestyle & Food Editor, Sun Media / TV & Radio Host / Lady Bountiful

June 16, 2021

Born in France of Sardinian parents, little Rita emigrated to Toronto where she grew up believing she was American for a while. As a child with a joie de vivre, she found inspiration in others who lived without judgement towards others and who gave for their community.

As a young woman starting her career, she found that if she faced barriers head-on and with a smile she could reap great learning. A wildly accomplished media professional, we learn that her success in her profession comes from being awake to what’s around her while she drives at the truth. But we find that the true source of her success comes from her profound passion of what life gives her: people to help, achievements of others to broadcast, dreams to heed and food to share.

Rita DeMontis:

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