Avoiding Societal “Traps” in Exploring

Mike Fata

Founder & Former CEO, Manitoba Harvest / Investor / Mentor

October 20, 2021

Mike joins us from Winnipeg, Manitoba – in Central Canada. He grew up partly in Northern Ontario, Canada in poverty with a single mom. But, at 13 he quit school and started to explore the world. At 21, with 7 years of working experience and survival already under his belt, he founded Manitoba Harvest.

Over the course of the subsequent 20 years, he grew his role from start-up entrepreneur to the CEO of a large enterprise – an enterprise which he sold twice for 9-figures. We discuss the societal “trap”, non-traditional pressures, the importance of education through life experiences and the exploration of individual interests. We hear about his musings on the quantum plane, his experiences with psilocybin treatments and his frequent “checks” on his spiritual self. We learn about how Mike’s focus is also on having his “best day ever”.

Mike Fata:

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