Always Probing With Questions Like Somebody “New”

Alison Coville

Former President, Hudson’s Bay Company

February 17, 2021

We sit with Alison Coville, in Toronto. Alison was born and bred in Ontario, Canada. She found her passion in the retail business as a teenager. She dove head first into this journey until she reached the pinnacle of her industry.

Undeterred by the fact that she was navigating within a professional world that lacked female mentors, she drew from her experience living in a family where gender didn’t play a part in defining her ambitions. Instead, we learn from Alison that the big picture took priority for her and that seeking the perspectives of others, being open to new ideas and asking questions as the perennial “new person” were the actual keys to her success. What else? Vulnerability, authenticity, kindness, humour, reliability … and painting. Ahhh, painting…

Alison Coville:

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