Understanding That It’s All Relational

Steve Lichtman

TV Writer/Producer

January 6, 2021

We speak this week with Steve Lichtman in California, a veteran TV series writer and producer. A deep thinker and excellent conversationalist, Steve brings us through his journey and his own philosophies on what really matters. He reminisces with us on his Long Island upbringing and his time as a young academic and lawyer grinding in NYC.

Then his story takes a turn upon his decision to leave NYC with his wife for LA – the day before 9/11. We then discuss how the following chapter of his life focused on the exploration of the right side of his brain. We talk fiction and reality, creativity and being at the top of the mountain vs stepping down from it. Steve gives us a wonderful insight on real “play” and why we should do it more. He had us at “hello”.

Steve Lichtman: