Taking Lessons of Resilience from the Terminator

Brice Scheschuk

Managing Partner, Globalive

August 26, 2020

Having grown up in a quiet, calm Prairie life with a loving family, Brice decided at an early age to pursue his life path in larger settings with the goal of making a larger impact. With his partner Anthony Lacavera, he spent many long grinding years building Wind Mobile within a fierce, unforgiving and oligopolistic space. After finally selling the company with his partner for well over $1 billion, Brice began to reflect on his experience on the importance of staying resilient: sticking to the mission and simply putting one foot in front of the other. Listen to how he and his partner today are now devoting their professional horsepower to helping new entrepreneurs all over North America to innovate, create and build in the new economy.

Brice Scheschuk: