Rising Informed

Fr. Francis Tiso

Expert on Tibetan Buddhism / Author / Alchemist

March 11, 2024

Welcome back to Behind Greatness. We sit down with Fr. Francis today who joins us from Molise, Italy. Fr. Francis is an author, a scholar, an expert on Tibetan Buddhism an alchemist and an artist. He lives a life of science and spirituality and we discuss how alchemy plays an important part in his life as a reflection of that balance.

We dive into languages and dialects  and their interconnectivity to geography and culture, the trek of the snow leopard and a discussion on the most important laboratory on earth. We hear about his mystical experiences as a young man and the wonder that has pushed him since.

We learn about his searching for those in Tibet who have experienced the actual dissolution of their physical body and the manifesting of their light body – the so-called rainbow body.  And we learn about the wisdom collected along the way.


Fr. Francis Tiso:

Book “Rainbow Body and Resurrection”: (via Amazon)