Asking the Zen Question

Dr. Garry Nolan

Immunologist / Inventor / Founder, The SOL Foundation

April 29, 2024

Thanks for joining us at behind Greatness. We sit down with Dr. Garry Nolan at his home in California. Garry is an Immunologist, an academic, an inventor and patent holder and a business executive. He also holds the Chair in the Department of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine.

We pack this conversation with Garry’s practice on focusing on the data to provide the conversation piece with other scientists and the public. We talk about Garry’s personal experiences when he was younger and how they serve as fuel to his scientific inquiry. He elaborates on the importance for him in hiding his long term intent behind a cloak of real science. We hear about his research in a Harvard lab on the basal ganglia, prompted by earlier work done with Kit Green and high functioning remote viewers and intuition.

We learn from him about doing science best with asking the Zen question – so that the answer will always move you forward. And, we hear a refreshing perspective on  speculation of the non-human intelligence question and that “something behind the scenes”. As a life-long question-maker, he also shares with us the type of person he honours and why. Why? Because ‘why’ is the answer. That’s why.

See episode with Diana Pasulka (ep 142). Garry is also “James” in Diana’s book American Cosmic.

Dr. Garry Nolan: